Team work:
the original documents are processed by a harmonious team of mother-tongue translators, DTP experts, proofreaders and technical consultants.

Vast range of DTP applications and document formats:
we process documents with the most widely-used, advanced word processing and desktop publishing applications (e.g. Word, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Interleaf) and the most widespread formats, including HTML and SGML

Computer tool support:
  • regular and widespread use of an assisted translation system backed up by large and specialized glossaries guarantees consistent terminology; which is fundamentally important for large-scale projects involving several different translators and, at the same time, leads to a considerable reduction in processing times
  • use of localization and hypertext document processing software
Flexibility and rapidity:
development of software solutions for optimising the activities and adapting flexibly to the Customer's specific needs.

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