How we work

Team work and process control

Original documents are processed by mother-tongue translators, expert DTPs, revisers and technical consultants that bring together their expertise with the aim of providing you with an optimal product, down to the smallest detail.

Our translation process is distinctive thanks to:

Cumulative know-how:

the workflow for the translation of a document from the original language into the target language is structured on an interactive process, based on linguistic databases that help us accumulate and distribute know-how.

General and specific terminology databases:

our application sector based structure allows us to make the most effective use of information content, whilst drastically reducing the time needed to align with the client’s specific content.

Process control:

quality control is integrated in the process and includes ongoing corrective action for continual improvement.

“Zero defects” based on collaboration with the client:

our client’s observations on the final text are a very important resource for us, because they help continually improve on quality in relation to the client’s specific requirements. Thanks to this feedback, client requests are implemented in our databases in real time.

A controlled process


Format management

we are able to edit documents with the more common processing applications for texts and layouts, and in a wide range of formats.

Assisted translation (CAT)

we generally use different computer-assisted translation tools, including software that we have developed in-house, and which is compatible with the more common CAT-tools available on the market. By referencing specialized glossaries, our database expands day-by-day, ensuring we provide consistent terminology, which is essential in larger projects involving multiple translators.

Competitive pricing and shorter time frames

thanks to our extremely efficient databases and the high percentage of translated texts that are reused, our turnaround time comes down significantly and allows us to offer you competitive pricing.